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Facts are important when facing domestic assault charges

Arguments happen every day between loving members of Florida families. Disagreements over a variety of topics can cause individuals to raise their voices, feel their emotions soar and sometimes say things that they may later regret. In most cases, loved ones are able to move beyond their fights and restore the balance of love and commitment that they enjoyed prior to their confrontations. However, for others, tension and strife may lead to allegations and claims of more damaging and sinister behavior between members of the same households.

Traffic stop becomes serious criminal matter for two Florida men

Most traffic stops in the greater Bradenton area happen because law enforcement officials suspect that drivers are breaking motor vehicle operation laws. Whether the drivers are suspected of speeding, running traffic signs and signals, or violating other laws, and they see flashing lights in their rearview mirrors, they know that they will soon have encounters with law enforcement officials.

When charged with a crime, you have the right to an attorney

A Florida resident does not have to be a lawyer to have heard of 'Miranda' rights. Miranda rights are the rights a person is told of when arrested on suspicion of committing a crime. Although cop shows like to sensationalize arrest scenes with dramatic recitations of these rights, these shows often come fairly close to getting these important legal protections correct.

Don't let a holiday arrest derail your future

Many Florida residents enjoy the Fourth of July for the fantastic food, fun parties, and exciting fireworks that accompany the event. As they celebrate the birth of the nation, they partake in festivities that bring people together to enjoy each other's company and celebrate their freedom. Most celebrations conclude with good feelings and happy participants. Others may end with confrontations and accusations that can lead to calls to law enforcement officials and potential arrests.

Adopting the Best Defense for a Criminal Charge

Criminal Law is an essential component of the Constitution that regulates human behavior within the U.S. In Sarasota County, offenders are not taken too kindly especially when they have committed felonies or misdemeanors, in the best case scenario. In a nutshell, Criminal Law refers to special regulations enforced with the sole intention of solving a criminal offense. In most cases, such laws encompass a broad spectrum ranging from homicide to even speeding tickets. A misdemeanor will mostly command minimum penalties or a short-term stint at probation with the aid of a good lawyer.

How lab mix ups can affect your criminal case

There is a variety of factors that can go into the decision that police officers make when they charge an individual with a crime. Often, it is believed that the reason they choose to charge a particular subject is because the evidence leads them to that conclusion. Just as often, though, bias on the part of the investigators can lead them in directions that do not necessarily reflect all of the evidence. Even when they are acting based on the best information they have, mistakes in the process and procedure can lead to charging the wrong person or even proceeding with a wrongful conviction.

Know your rights: the Sixth Amendment

One of the great things about the United States is that we are guaranteed certain rights. They're set in stone in the constitution, and they protect our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. For people facing criminal charges, the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is particularly important. The Sixth Amendment gives you the right to have legal counsel during these crucial moments:

Don't be like this woman; take criminal charges seriously

When you're facing criminal charges in the state of Florida, there's one thing you absolutely never do: treat them like a joke. The Sunshine State is known for having tough penalties for those convicted of drug and violent crimes, so treating the charges seriously is of the utmost importance.

What exactly does "innocent until proven guilty" mean?

The phrase is one that most people are taught early in primary school, but "innocent until proven guilty" is not as simple a concept as it might seem when you consider how early we begin to discuss it. This idea may be a bedrock principle of our democracy, but it also has a specific legal history. Understanding that history is to the benefit of every person because it is not only relevant when you are facing criminal charges, but also when you are called to participate in the criminal justice system as a witness or a jury member.

Benefits of accepting a plea bargain

In many cases, when someone is charged with a crime, they will go to trial and be judged by a jury of their peers. Depending on the jury, the accused party can be found guilty and face the consequences of their actions, but this process could be avoided if there is a plea bargain. If a plea bargain is offered, although some people may scoff at the idea of agreeing to any sentence for a crime they may or may not have committed, people should at least consider the benefits of signing.


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