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Death during an alleged DUI event may result in felony charges

In Florida, people may be considered guilty of driving under the influence if they meet one of several criteria. If their blood alcohol concentration is or is in excess of .08 grams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood or .08 grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath they may be considered intoxicated while driving. The use of certain controlled substances also may impose DUI sanctions on a driver found to have them in his or her system.

What are possible penalties for Florida drunk driving?

Like the courts in many other jurisdictions throughout the country, Florida courts may mete out serious penalties when the DUI suspects who appear before them are convicted of their drunk driving charges. While it is not possible to guarantee that one's hiring of a DUI defense attorney will result in an acquittal of their criminal drunk driving charges it can be helpful to a drunk driving suspect to discuss his or her case with such a legal professional so that he or she can understand just what can be at stake.

Man accused of drunk driving, property damage, after arrest

Accusations of drunk driving are serious legal matters that, if not properly managed, may impact the future of a Sarasota resident. Although legal outcomes can never be guaranteed, and every drunk driving or DUI case must be assessed based on its own unique facts, many individuals who face arrest based on alleged drunk driving charges can benefit from reviewing their cases with criminal defense attorneys.

Sarasota law enforcement cracking down on impaired drivers

In Florida, driving while intoxicated is a serious offense. DUI and traffic offenses can be aggressively prosecuted, leaving a defendant to face prison time and high fines, along with other penalties. Drivers should therefore be aware that a crackdown on impaired drivers is happening in the Sarasota area.

Florida's zero tolerance law

Everyone knows that teens can make some dumb mistakes. Research shows that a person's brain isn't actually fully developed until they are well into their 20s. This can explain why some teenagers may have some risk-taking behavior that doesn't make sense. One situation a teenager may find themselves in is being charged with DUI and traffic offenses.

Drunk drivers include binge drinkers

Bradenton is not the quiet, sleepy town it once was. Today, there are more residents, more tourists, more college students and much more traffic on our roads. That means motorists must be more vigilant because not everyone should be behind the wheel. Even with all the ads we see and statistics we read about, drunk drivers are still a problem, and binge drinkers are among them. Are you one of them?

Steps to take if you have been arrested for a DUI

Sarasota residents know that driving after they have been drinking is illegal and dangerous. But everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes good people are arrested for DUI and traffic offenses. If a person is facing a drunk driving arrest, there are certain things that they should do.

Charged with DUI? A serious crime needs strong representation

Most Sarasota County residents know that driving after they have been drinking is a bad idea. A DUI accident can cause serious injuries and can also lead to thousands of dollars in fines and even jail time. If a Florida resident is facing drunk driving charges, an attorney may be able to help.

Ignition interlock bill moving through FL legislature

Most drivers in Sarasota County know how serious a DUI offense can be. Those who are convicted of a DUI can face thousands of dollars in fines and even jail time. A bill that is moving through the Florida legislature would require those who are convicted of a first-time DUI and traffic offenses to install an ignition interlock device as well.


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