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Criminal defense options for violent crime charges

Allegations of criminal activity are damaging to the reputation and freedom of Bradenton residents. Claims that an individual engaged in a violent crime can significantly impact that person's rights. Attorney D. Scott Rieth is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has supported his clients as they have confronted domestic violence, homicide and other violent crime charges.

How are rape charges addressed under Florida law?

Rape is generally characterized as the forcible sexual violation of a person against the alleged victim's will. In Florida, charges of rape are included under the section of the state statutes that address sexual battery. Per the Florida Statutes, sexual battery may occur when an alleged perpetrator penetrates an alleged victim with either a part of the alleged perpetrator's body or a foreign object.

An overview of the elements of robbery

Robbery charges are very serious. Florida residents who are accused of committing robbery often struggle to overcome the cases that prosecutors build against them, and face serious consequences that threaten their freedom. One of the first steps that a person accused of committing robbery can take is to understand the elements of the charge so that he or she can meet the criminal case head-on and with a plan to counter the prosecutor's claims.

Factors that may elevate criminal charges to aggravated assault

Assault charges are serious enough on their own without the additional penalties that can attach when they are elevated from misdemeanors to felony violent crimes. Sarasota residents may face simple assault charges if they are alleged to have taken actions that would make their alleged victims have a reasonable fear for their safety. Under certain conditions, though, a basic assault charge may be elevated to an aggravated assault charge, which can carry with it more serious penalties and consequences for the alleged perpetrator.

How false allegations of domestic violence can ruin your life

If someone said they were being abused by a loved one, would you believe them? If you're like a lot of people, you probably would. That's because it's frowned upon in our culture to think an alleged victim is telling us anything but the truth. It's even harder still in our culture to call an alleged victim a liar.

Adopting the Best Techniques to Handling Violent Crimes Charges

Violent Crimes have become a hot topic of discussion in recent years across the U.S. Not only do they speak volumes about the heinous nature of the offense but also portrays offenders are cruel individuals. Violent crimes are a broad term that encompasses various forms of felonies ranging from domestic violence to first-degree murder. Over the years, such crimes have become synonymous with hefty penalties or considerable time in prison based on the exact nature of the offense. As an alleged offender facing a criminal conviction, you might want to seek adequate legal assistance immediately if you intend on staying out of jail.

Study: African Americans more likely to be wrongfully convicted

Despite the many positive steps that the United States has taken over the past few decades with regards to equal rights, it is becoming increasingly clear that we still have a way to go. Many studies have shown that minorities face a huge disadvantage the criminal justice system.

Don't face violent crimes charges alone

Whether you're guilty or not, facing charges for a violent crime can be extremely stressful and worrisome. From robbery to domestic abuse charges there may be ways to lower these charges or get them dismissed outright. Many times the police are eager to take some type of action when they are called out for an incident. This can lead to mistakes on their report - from misinformation to missing information. These mistakes can lead to serious consequences for you. Consequences that you may not see coming nor should have to face. Consequences that could change your life forever.


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