Defense Against Violent Crime Charges In Florida

If you were charged with a violent crime in Florida, you could be facing significant consequences and penalties, not the least of which is the potential for incarceration.

As a long-standing Bradenton criminal defense attorney, I have helped individuals protect their rights. My law firm, the office of D. Scott Rieth, is devoted to criminal defense, although my career history includes work in prosecution as well.

This diverse experience has given me an intimate understanding of how the opposing side will work when bringing a misdemeanor or felony charge against you and presenting evidence. It has helped me achieve favorable results for clients throughout Manatee County, Sarasota County and surrounding areas of Florida.

I work with clients who face charges of:

Restraining Orders, Injunctions And Police Procedures Upon Arrest

Many violent crimes, including those that involve domestic issues at home, are spurred from simple arguments. When police are called to the scene, they are often driven to arrest someone or at least detain an individual until the details are worked out and everyone is safe and calmed down. As a result, some individuals are arrested or placed on a temporary restraining order without being given a trial. There is sometimes a lack of evidence they are truly a threat, but the arrest alone can lead to significant problems later on.

I know where police procedures, evidence collection and witness statements can fall short of relaying the truth behind what happened with my clients. In many cases, police errors or violations of my clients' rights through entrapment or illegal search and seizure can help to suppress evidence or reduce the charges against my clients.

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