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Domestic violence charges are serious. Florida law is tough on spousal abuse and tough on the accused. It is nice to think that you are innocent until proven guilty, but reality may be different. A restraining order or an injunction has immediate effects, closing the lines of communication between spouses or domestic partners and barring the abuser from visiting children or entering the home.

I am Bradenton domestic violence lawyer D. Scott Rieth, and I help people in the Sarasota-Bradenton area to place restraining orders and defend themselves in cases where a restraining order or domestic violence charge as been placed against them.

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Representing Victims And The Accused In Good Faith

I take the time to understand the unique situations of each of my clients. I represent their perspective on the facts involved and advocate for their best interests and those of their children. I understand each case from many angles. As a former state prosecutor for 14 years, I have the skills and the judgment necessary to represent victims or the accused in any violent offense situation.

I can handle all legal aspects of your case. With my help, your case will be heard. Your rights and security will be protected in any circumstance:

I also address counseling services pending the resolution of your case. Not only helpful to the outcome of your case, counseling may also help prevent such incidents in the future. Communication is also important. I communicate with the prosecuting attorney, the victim/accuser and the accused. In my hands, your case receives professional legal care, and your reputation is protected to the furthest extent possible.

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