Injunctions And Restraining Orders

A domestic violence injunction is designed to protect a person who has been the victim of domestic violence or who believes he or she is at risk of future harm. Whether you are seeking a restraining order or you have been served with one, you need skilled legal representation.

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I Can Help You Obtain A Restraining Order

If you have been victimized by your spouse, partner or other family member, you can seek relief through a temporary order called an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence. This order will be in place for 15 days and will prevent the abuser from contacting you, visiting your children, or entering your home or place of work.

After filing the temporary order, the court will immediately schedule a hearing to determine if the order should be permanent. As a Bradenton restraining order attorney, I can help you prepare for this hearing by gathering evidence and witnesses to testify on your behalf. I will present this evidence to the court at the hearing.

Defending You Against A Restraining Order

The consequences of having an injunction placed against you are harsh. You will not be allowed to see your children or enter your own home if the victim lives there. Additionally, if you are convicted, you may be required to attend a domestic violence program and you will be prohibited from owning firearms. Even if you are happy to have the other person out of your life, the injunction could affect your life for years to come. Once the restraining order is in place, if you contact the victim or enter his or her home, you could be facing criminal charges that could include fines and jail time.

Shortly after the restraining order is filed, the court will schedule a domestic violence hearing, where a determination will be made to either drop the order or make it permanent. I will represent you at this hearing and ensure that your side of the story is heard. If you were falsely accused of domestic violence or another violent crime, I will aggressively fight for your rights in the courtroom.

Protecting Your Rights And Keeping You Safe

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