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What is domestic battery by strangulation in Florida?

Domestic incidents that involve violence happen quite frequently in Florida. These incidents can have many participants and occur in a variety of circumstances. It is unfortunate when people who are in a relationship or who live with another person get involved in a dispute that turns physical. This can lead to an arrest for domestic assault, battery charges and more. It might even result in a conviction and long-term consequences. Should the incident involve accusations of domestic battery by strangulation, it is important for the accused person to understand this law and what the charges will entail.

If one person strangles another and does so with knowledge and the intent of causing an impediment to normal breathing or circulation, and it is done against the other person's will while they are in a dating relationship, or if it is a family or household member, it is domestic battery by strangulation. The strangulation is done by blocking off the nose and mouth or pressuring the throat or neck.

Law enforcement investigation leads to drug trafficking charges

Given the problems that come about from drug crimes in Sarasota and across Florida, it is no surprise that law enforcement is aggressive in conducting investigations and making arrests. Some of these charges are related to possessing small amounts of drugs. Others are related to larger amounts that are believed to be for sale and drug trafficking. All drug charges can lead to penalties, including jail time and fines. When there are more serious allegations, those who are accused and arrested must make certain they are shielded from overzealous law enforcement officers and prosecutors by having help from an experienced attorney.

According to a recent report, an alleged drug trafficking ring led to three people being arrested. The investigation commenced after law enforcement was informed that a 42-year-old man was possibly involved in criminal activity. A search warrant allowed the investigators to search the man's residence. There, they allegedly found significant amounts of drugs, including heroin, fentanyl and cocaine. In addition, they allegedly discovered a gun and ammunition. Along with the 42-year-old, two other people - a male, 37, and a female, 41 - were placed under arrest.

Manatee County steps up action against opioid crisis

Florida's Manatee County, which encompasses Sarasota and Bradenton, is suffering the effects of the opioid crisis just like the rest of the United States. County leaders have decided to take action against the drug problem to help offenders and the community.

Funds were appropriated in 2017 for a program to help opioid drug users, which got underway at the beginning of 2018. Progress has been rather slow for a variety of factors; however, opioid drug users in Manatee County now have an additional resource to turn to for help and assistance.

Man faces allegations of fleeing and assaulting law enforcement

During traffic stops drivers in Florida are expected to stop as instructed and comply with the officers' commands. In some cases, the stop is made because there is suspected driving under the influence. In others, the driver might have committed an unlawful act or is behaving suspiciously. No matter the reason, when the driver does not stop and even tries to flee, there can be other allegations that can lead to significant long-term consequences. Having legal assistance to provide a defense is one of the most important factors to avoid a criminal conviction.

According to a recent report, a 38-year-old man was arrested when he tried to flee after an attempted traffic stop. The incident occurred at around 1:30 a.m. The officers tried to make the stop because they believed the driver was under the influence and there was no assigned tag on the vehicle. The driver did not stop and drove off. The officers pursued. Using "stop sticks," the driver's vehicle was disabled.

Can I face arrest for owning or leasing property linked to drugs?

In Florida, drug charges are not limited to those who are involved in its manufacture, sale, possession and use. People should be aware that they can face allegations of drug offenses for other matters even if they are not part of the enterprise itself. Simply letting another person or group of people take part in the illegal drug business on a property that the individual owns is oftentimes sufficient to be placed under arrest. When there are charges for drug crimes for these alleged violations, the person who was arrested will need to know their defense options.

If a person owns, leases or rents a property that is used for the trafficking of controlled substances, the sale of controlled substances or the manufacture of controlled substances for it to be distributed, that person can be arrested for a third-degree felony. A conviction can result in a jail sentence of up to five years, a fine of $5,000 or up to 10 years in prison for habitual offenders. If the person is in constructive or actual possession of a property and knows that it is used for the above drug crimes, it will be second-degree felony. A conviction for a second-degree felony can result in up to 15 years in jail, a $10,000 fine or up to 30 years in jail for a habitual offender.

Man who coaches youth football under arrest for drug charges

When Bradenton law enforcement officials make an arrest for drug charges, there are times when people who might not immediately be viewed as being involved with drugs are under arrest. These issues can come up for anyone. It might be a parent, someone who is well-regarded in the community and people who have had personal and legal issues in the past. Regardless, everyone needs to understand the potential penalties they will face should they be convicted.

According to a recent report, a man who coaches youth football was arrested on several charges related to drugs and weapons possession. The incident occurred in the afternoon at about 4 p.m. in an area known for drugs and which was under law enforcement surveillance. The 29-year-old man was stopped by officers. He had football equipment in his vehicle and stated it was for the players on his peewee football team. Officers said they smelled marijuana. A K9 unit was called and the dog allegedly indicated drugs were present.

Women allegedly caught using drugs with kids in car

Florida drug crimes can run the gamut from distribution to lower-level sale to personal use. Even though the charges can vary, law enforcement will be watching for potential drug offenses as they take place. For those who are arrested for drug use and other charges related to it, having a legal defense is an important part of seeking a positive resolution, such as a drug diversion program or reduced charges. When people are caught using drugs, it becomes even more vital to have legal assistance.

According to a recent report, law enforcement in Sarasota arrested two women for using drugs while children were in the same vehicle with them. The women, ages 53 and 37, were in a parked vehicle when officers investigated. They found them in the front seat, allegedly shooting drugs. The younger woman's 3-year-old twin girls were in the backseat. When officers conducted a search, they reportedly found drugs and drug paraphernalia, including marijuana, cocaine, rock cocaine and other items used to shoot narcotics. The women were arrested and the children were taken for an examination at a hospital.

Helping you assert a defense against violent crimes

Facing any type of criminal charge can be difficult of individuals in Florida; however, some crimes can be more damaging for a person if a conviction results. Significant consequences often follow a violent crimes charge, making it vital that defendants fully explore the matter, initiating a criminal defense as soon as possible.

With an incarceration term on the table, those facing violent crime charges seek to clear his or her name. This can seem challenging, as evidence is piling against the accused. D. Scott Rieth, Criminal Defense Attorney, understands this can be an overwhelming experience, however, his experienced legal team is equipped with the knowledge needed to devise a strong legal defense.

Would treatment be better than jail for a drug crime?

Unfortunately, the state of Florida has a ranking in drug-induced deaths that is higher than the national average. People are in court every day for drug possession, trafficking or some other illegal drug-related offense.

The penalties are harsh and often include prison. However, alternatives to life behind bars do exist, and among those is the option for some offenders to enter a drug treatment program.

Businessman faces multiple allegations of drug offenses

For Bradenton residents, facing drug charges can be a complex situation. Some of the people who are arrested are well-regarded in the community and will face far more serious consequences that go beyond the basics like jail time, fines and more. Drug offenses can vary in scope and those who are arrested and alleged to take part in criminal drug activities should make certain that they cover all the bases when formulating a defense against the charges. This is especially true when it is a business owner who operates a legitimate business.

According to reports, a man who owns a local cleaning business was arrested for multiple offenses related to drug trafficking. The arrest commenced when officers who were working undercover allegedly saw the man, 43, selling drugs. The officers say they saw one sale and witnessed the man enter a store to pick up and drop off prescriptions. His vehicle was searched by officers using a K9 and allegedly discovered at least 1,000 pills, including oxycodone, hydrocodone and hydromorphone. On two occasions, the man is also alleged to have had an undercover law enforcement officer visit his cleaning store for drug deals.


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