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Why you must take simple assault charges seriously

Whether it's voicing frustrations to a customer service representative over a series of billing errors or muttering angrily after being cut off by another driver, the reality is that as much as people want to remain collected at all times, their emotions can sometimes get the best of them.

Plan ahead if you are going to be out watching the Big Dance

Over the next few days, people will be flocking to bars and restaurants across Florida to watch the opening round of the NCAA men's college basketball tournament. Indeed, given the full slate of games, it's relatively easy to get swept up in March Madness, losing track of time and perhaps even the number of alcoholic drinks consumed.

Understanding more about license suspension in Florida - II

Last time, we started discussing how the time-honored strategy of simply paying a traffic citation may work well for some -- i.e., those motorists who are hardly ever cited -- but not for others -- i.e., those motorists recently cited multiple times or with historically suspect driving records.

Understanding more about license suspension in Florida

After being issued a citation for a traffic violation, most motorists simply want to pay the fine and put the matter behind them. While this is an understandable and generally prudent decision for those motorists who are hardly ever cited, those who have already racked up several citations in a short timeframe or have a historically dubious driving record will perhaps want to pay closer attention to the matter.


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