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A look at drug crimes in Florida

The significant number of drug crimes across the country and in Florida in the 1980's resulted in an outdated system akin to a revolving door where people were arrested, prosecuted and released. This is no longer the case, and drug charges are now taken very seriously in Florida and across the country. According to the Florida Office of the State Courts Administrator, there were over 170 thousand Circuit Court Filings during FY 2014 - 15 and of those, over 45 thousand cases involved drug crimes.  That's over 26% of all crime committed in Florida being drug related.

Drug crimes include a wide variety of criminal charges such as anything from possession of drug paraphernalia to intent to distribute and trafficking. Due to the sheer volume and types of drug-related offenses committed and the cost of those crimes on society as a whole, Florida is tough on those accused of being involved in any drug-related crime.

Both federal and state prosecutors can take months to put together a case with sufficient evidence for a conviction. While there are very specific laws, there are many nuances to offenses involving drugs and each case is different and requires careful investigation before bringing a charge. Although there are numerous repeat offenders, sometimes it is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and it is up to the prosecutor to ascertain the difference in each particular charge.

Due to the circumstances surrounding each case including the severity of the crime committed as well as the many options for treatment intervention and drug diversion programs available to the defendant, those who obtain legal representation at the onset are more likely to realize a positive resolution when they are charged or accused of drug crimes. Whether or not your case proceeds to trial, a drug crime attorney will ensure you receive the best possible defense.

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