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Drug crimes deliver stiff penalties in Florida

Crimes involving drugs are on the rise in the United States. Drug offenses can involve drug trafficking (selling or distributing large amounts of drugs), drug possession and possession with intent to sell (depending on the volume and type of drugs in your possession). Marijuana (possession of or selling even 20 grams or less in the state of Florida), cocaine (a third-degree-felony in Florida), prescription drugs, doctor shopping (obtaining prescriptions from several doctors with the intent to use or sell for recreational purposes) and more can land you in hot water.


Drug charges can have very serious consequences. Anyone can be charged with a drug crime and it can be extremely frightening and life changing considering the harsh crackdown going on today on these types of crimes. Even for what may seem like a less serious drug offense, such as possession of marijuana, you can face a prison term and a substantial fine in the state of Florida.

The penalties resulting from drug charges can vary greatly, and many people are unaware of some of the consequences, such as a driver's license suspension. For trafficking, the sentences can be much stiffer. According to Chapter 893 of the Drug Abuse and Prevention Code in the State of Florida, possession of marijuana over 25 lbs is considered trafficking and will have you facing large fines and jail time.

Regardless of the drug crime of which you are accused, ensuring you have representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney can help to obtain the best outcome. Drug crimes are a serious matter and you deserve the best defense.

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