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Will I lose my driver's license if I am charged with a DUI?

Drunk driving results in thousands of fatalities every year in the United States, and the legal system is not very forgiving when it comes to DUI, or driving under the influence. Many people who are charged with a DUI end up having their licensed revoked. If you've recently been charged with a DUI, you may be wondering if you will lose your driver's license. Below is some information that should give you some insight into the possible consequences you may face after a DUI arrest.

Loss of driving privileges

In almost all cases of DUI, the offender risks losing their driving privileges. Depending on the offender's driving history, this loss of driving privileges could be temporary or permanent. There are two ways an offender can lose their license:

  • The DMV may suspend or revoke the driver's license of the offender.
  • The court may order the driver's license to be suspended or revoked.

While the loss of driving privileges occurs in most cases of DUI, there are a few things an offender can do to increase the likelihood that they will be permitted to keep their driver's license. For example, offenders should not refuse to take a BAC test, such as a blood test or breathalyzer, during the DUI arrest. No matter the outcome of the DUI case, the driver's license of the offender will be suspended if they refuse to take the BAC test.

Duration of loss of driving privileges

A first-time offender may be able to have the suspension of their driver's license lifted after as little as 90 days. However, restrictions may temporarily be placed on the driver even after his driving privileges are restored. For example, the driver may only be permitted to drive to and from work.

All drivers should keep in mind that it is possible to have a driver's license suspended for one to three years after the first DUI offense. Repeat offenders can expect even harsher consequences. In some cases, it may take as many as five years for a suspension of a driver's license to be lifted. Ultimately, the duration of the loss of driving privileges depends on a number of factors, including what occurred during the DUI arrest.

For more information about the consequences you can expect to face after being charged with a DUI, you should either contact a lawyer or refer to Florida laws relating to DUI.

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