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Florida's sex offender registration laws

Those charged with sex crimes face the possibility of several consequences, from prison time to hefty fines. However one of the most concerning is having to be on the sex offender registry. Being on the registry means that you cannot go within a certain distance of schools or playgrounds or work with minors or at-risk populations. This can make it very difficult to get back to your normal activities, such as picking your children up from school or even establishing your own residence, after you have served your sentence.

Who must register?

In Florida, you must register as a sexual predator if you have a qualifying conviction for a sexual offense. This is true whether the offense happened in Florida or someplace else. Juveniles may not need to register unless the person was 14 or older when the offense occurred and received a delinquent adjudication after July 2007 or was tried as an adult and convicted. Adults must register if they have a "qualifying adult conviction."

What are some examples of qualifying convictions?

According to The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, common qualifying convictions include but are not limited to:

  • Sexual misconduct
  • Human trafficking
  • Luring or enticing a child
  • Sexual battery
  • Sexual performance by a child
  • Unlawful sexual activity with certain minors
  • Transmission and/or possession of child pornography

Other offenses may also qualify. If you have questions about whether you may need to register, a criminal defense attorney can provide more information.

What information must be provided?

Qualifying persons must provide general information such as name, age and social security number. Physically identifying information such as race, sex, weight, height, tattoos, scars, fingerprints, a recent photograph, and eye and hair color are also required. Information on the conviction, where the person is employed, and all contact information - including addresses, emails, screen names and phone numbers - must also be submitted to the local sheriff's office.

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