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July 2016 Archives

Stiff sentence for Colombian drug lord

Sometimes cooperating with authorities and bargaining with useful information is a powerful tactic when trying to reduce or drop drug-related charges against you. However, if you are too well-known, and the information used to incriminate you is too great or receives too much publicity, you may have a very difficult time negotiating a deal and may instead need to rely upon building a strong defense.

When decision-making abilities are impaired

Most people who drink do so without the intention of hurting someone. There is no malice or hostility involved in the decision to grab the keys and get behind the wheel. There may be a desire to get home or a craving to continue a party after all the alcohol is gone. There may even be a situation where the person drinking simply got so inebriated they have no recollection of getting in their vehicle.

When serious consequences are the real crime

It is no secret that the criminal justice system is flawed. How can it be perfect? In cases when there was no witness to a crime, when trained men and women are left to interpret results but start off with a pressure to pinpoint a perpetrator and an objective to then prove not only that the person is guilty but that they are correct, there simply are too many factors working against a person once they become a suspect.

Investigators consider charging parents for child's Disney death

There is no question that the recent and terrible death of a child published in the news is tragic and a hard hit for a city still reeling from mass shooting and a celebrity assassination. And now, in a place where dreams come true, a parent's worst nightmare played out.

Lawmakers push for tougher laws after Florida mass-shooting

After the tragic mass shooting in Orlando this month, many lawmakers are pushing for tighter gun control. This can be done by doing away with any rights regarding concealed carry and also stricter background checks, making it more difficult to obtain a gun. Also, greater restrictions can be placed upon the guns that are available for purchase.

Murder by degrees

When you are facing murder charges, the inarguable fact should be that a death has occurred. This should be indisputable. If this is not the case, there should never be a conviction. This is because, in order to place an accusation of guilt against someone to the level that they are sentenced and convicted, there must not be even an iota of doubt. So, assuming a death has occurred and a person is charged with murder, the degree in which the murder is classified can make a monumental difference when it comes to the sentencing phase.


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