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Investigators consider charging parents for child's Disney death

There is no question that the recent and terrible death of a child published in the news is tragic and a hard hit for a city still reeling from mass shooting and a celebrity assassination. And now, in a place where dreams come true, a parent's worst nightmare played out.

A 2-year old boy was frolicking on the beaches of Disney World's man-made lake, wading only one to two feet into the water when witnesses say a four- to seven-foot gator dragged him underwater. His body was found near the location almost 16 hours later.

Nowhere amid the "No Swimming" signs were there signs warning of the danger of alligators. The sheriff said the state wildlife agency and his agency would look into the warning sign situation at a tourist destination deemed as one of the world's most popular. But perhaps what is most offensive is the mention being made that the investigators would consider charging the parents in this tragedy. While the sheriff said it isn't likely they will be charged, the very fact that it was mentioned in his report is unsettling.

If you are being investigated or are being charged for your alleged part in a tragedy or crime, you simply cannot rest on a belief that the truth will prevail. These parents traveled across the country to take their child to a place made of magic. That child is not safe on the premises and is dragged to his death while the father fights an alligator to save him. Subsequently, law enforcement actually mentions investigating the parents and possibly charging them for their hand in the tragedy. In a world where that is even worth mentioning in a press conference, you simply cannot pin any hope on the truth prevailing without you fighting for it.

One of the best ways to ensure you build a strong defense is to enlist the help of a knowledgeable Florida defense attorney. Particularly when a death is involved, serious consequences are hinged upon a guilty verdict and your worst nightmares could become a reality if you do not proactively fight the wrongs against you.

Source: NBCMiami.com, "Body of Boy Snatched By Gator Recovered," Jay Reeves, and Terrance Harris, July 7, 2016

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