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Lawmakers push for tougher laws after Florida mass-shooting

After the tragic mass shooting in Orlando this month, many lawmakers are pushing for tighter gun control. This can be done by doing away with any rights regarding concealed carry and also stricter background checks, making it more difficult to obtain a gun. Also, greater restrictions can be placed upon the guns that are available for purchase.


But what does this mean for you if you have been charged with a violent crime that involved the use of a deadly weapon? With the law looking hard at gun control, you may run into overzealous prosecutors hoping to set an example by throwing the book at you.

However, sometimes what law enforcement calls a weapon was never intended as such and, nevertheless, you have ended up with steeper charges because something you carry on your person or something you waived in your hand was reported to be a weapon.

If you are charged with a violent crime, you likely know you are facing serious consequences. Don't let prosecuting attorneys make an example out of your life and your mistake. If you are charged, you may wish to seek the counsel of a Florida defense attorney who has ties to the local justice system and who will hear your side of things and work on your behalf to either reduce the charges or reduce penalties. The law office of D. Scott Rieth will get started on your case and can anticipate what will be brought about in court.


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