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When decision-making abilities are impaired

Most people who drink do so without the intention of hurting someone. There is no malice or hostility involved in the decision to grab the keys and get behind the wheel. There may be a desire to get home or a craving to continue a party after all the alcohol is gone. There may even be a situation where the person drinking simply got so inebriated they have no recollection of getting in their vehicle.

So when someone gets hurt, the tragedy is senseless and the driver may be condemned for the decision to drive. But the flaw in one very common recreational past time is that it affects the brain. When someone consumes alcohol, anything that isn't broken down by the liver goes to the brain and throughout the body. Alcohol then can alter the way a person speaks, walks, makes decisions and remembers.

If you are involved in an accident that resulted in someone's death and you were drinking leading up to the incident, you may face serious charges and prosecutors may paint you as a murderer. It does not matter whether you volunteer every weekend at a local food kitchen or have never had a traffic ticket prior to this. Not to prosecutors who are out to set an example and the plaintiffs who may be simply reeling with grief, confusion and anger.

But you are not a cold-blooded killer and should never be treated as such. What you have done in your life should matter and should be taken into consideration. What you did one night when alcohol inhibited your decision-making ability should not forever define you. It was an accident and should be treated as such. Working closely with a criminal defense attorney in Florida may go a long way in helping you come to grips with the charges and what can be done to counter them.

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