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Statistics of Florida's incarcerated

There are many ways to find yourself in trouble with the law. Sometimes you may be doing something you didn't realize was illegal, or you didn't think was as bad as the courts make it out to be. Other times you may fully know something is legally wrong but feel compelled out of a lack of alternatives given your situation. And still other times, you may not have done anything wrong at all and you are falsely accused. Regardless of the why or the what, it seems the justice system is naturally bent toward a sentence involving incarceration for most illegal activities, unless other options are pushed for.

The dangers in the synthetic drug uprising

All but unheard of a decade ago, now reports are more common of synthetic drugs like bath salts and flakka causing people to lose their grasp on reality and sober up to an entirely new one. It isn't an easy place to be, and perhaps a more focused look into the hallucinogenic drugs is necessary. Definitely, people need to be aware of the risks associated with their consumption.

Mandatory Minimums: The Human Costs Are Incalculable

In an "Opinion" piece that appeared last week in The New York Times, former attorney general Eric Holder was clear in his conviction that individuals facing drug charges should be treated more humanely. Currently, even first-time offenders can receive more than 15 years in prison if caught with relatively small amount of illegal substances. Such sentences, Holder argued, "are disproportionate to the[] crimes."

How to deal with being on the wrong side of the law

You probably never expected to find yourself standing on the wrong side of the law, or never to the degree you are now. To varying degrees, many people commit some sort of illegal action every day. From parking in the wrong spot, to an illegal lane change, to speeding or simply littering, our society is governed by so many rules it is almost hard to get through a day without any illegal occurrence. However, certain situations can yield more serious consequences and will not be treated in the same manner as a simple misstep.


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