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Penalties for a DUI conviction

A drunk driving conviction can be complicated and can get you into a lot of trouble. Facing a DUI charge can be problematic because it can show up on your record in the future. If you are unable to get it expunged, all your future employers will be able to see it as well. This is one of the major problems along with other complications of a DUI conviction.

DUI charge leads to different outcomes, depending on the nature of your offense. First time offenders often face a fine and minor penalties. Those who repeat the offense several times often receive harsher punishments like hefty fines, license revocation and possible jail time. Getting your license revoked could be a major issue because the court might ask you to take certain steps to control your drinking. You may need to join rehab, go to alcoholics anonymous meetings and get regular check-ups to be eligible to apply for a license again.  The state might still reject your application for a new license based on your previous offenses.

The amount of blood in your bloodstream at the time of arrest also plays a role in the outcome of the case. A higher blood alcohol level might lead to more severe sentencing. The breathalyzer test is common and refusing it is not an option for any driver.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence, it is advisable to contact an experienced defense attorney. The attorney will review the charges against you and devise a strong defense strategy for you.

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