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The intent and charges of homicide

Homicide is the unlawful, first-degree murder that is carried out after consideration and planning. In most states, "felony murder rule " is a legal concept by which first-degree murder stems from the commission of specific felonies including, rape, robbery, theft, arson and others. This is considered the case, even if the act was accidental.

Willingness is one of the elements of violent crimes taken into account when considering murder charges. There has to be an underlying intent to take the life of another human being. There could be various reasons for such an action. Some reasons may include jealousy, hate, envy, and lust.

Many violent crimes might often stem from simple arguments that get blown out of proportion. If you have been charged with a criminal act or handed a prison sentence based on homicide charges, there may still be hope. Every year, the lives of numerous people are ruined by false accusations and unjust punishments.

Even if you suspect a case is being made against you based on unwarranted accusations, it may benefit you from hiring an experienced defense attorney.  In order to get through these aggravated assault charges, you might have to fight aggressively and prove your innocence.

A lawyer may help you decide the best route to take in order to face minimal charges.  When facing these homicide charges, you may need help through the process of witness accounts, evidence evaluation and police action which might be a long process. You will need an attorney who will work to protect your best interests and build a strong case in your favor.

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