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Difference between grand and trial juries

Those facing criminal charges might have their future decided by a jury made up of average citizens. It is important to understand the role of juries in a criminal trial. Getting the jury on your side is important during your trial because they are the ones who decide whether or not you are guilty. Juries are often divided into two different types; grand juries and trial juries.

A trial jury is a small jury that consists of up to twelve people who sit at the trial and listen to the arguments by both of the attorneys. Even though the judge controls the proceedings, the jurors have the right to decide whether the defendant is guilty. Trial jurors do not have the liberty to ask questions and must make their decisions based on the evidence that is submitted to the court, and the arguments presented by both sides.

Another type of jury that is common in the United States is a grand jury. It is a relatively larger jury with up to 23 people. The purpose of the grand jury is to help the prosecution decide whether or not to press certain charges against an individual. This trial can go on for several months. Evidence is presented to the jury by the prosecution, and they have the right to ask questions after going through the evidence. The process is fairly informal, and there is no need for an attorney to be present in front of a grand jury.

If you are facing any charges, it is important to understand the role of a jury. Consider hiring an experienced defense attorney to guide you through the process.

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