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Understanding aggravated assault charges

Attacking another person with a weapon with the intention of bodily harm is classified as aggravated assault. The circumstances leading to the incident have a big influence on the outcome of an aggravated assault case. Aggravated assault is added as a secondary charge in some cases. Prosecutions might include aggravated assault charges, kidnapping, rape, or robbery.

In cases where the weapon was not the major reason for injury, aggravated assault charges can still be pressed. There have been occasions when the defendant has used a weapon to strike fear in the victim, and the prosecution still pressed for aggravated assault charges. Any weapon that can cause serious injury or death can be deemed dangerous. Guns, knives and blades are some of the most widely used weapons in assault cases.

The mental state of the attacker also helps the judge decide whether they meant to harm the victim with a weapon. Defense attorneys try their best to prove that the attack was not preplanned and the defendant had no intention of harming the victim. The injuries caused to the victim may also play a role in how the case develops. Attacking law enforcement officials, teachers or firefighters can be classified as aggravated assault regardless of the weapon used.

If you have been charged with aggravated assault, you might want to consider hiring an experienced attorney. A skilled criminal defense attorney will go through the facts of your case and work to protect your rights by devising the best possible defense strategy.

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