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Dealing with felony DUI charges

Driving under the influence is not uncommon in the United States, and there are several different types of charges you might face. A felony DUI is the most serious charge of driving while intoxicated. Most cases of DUI result in misdemeanor charges, but more serious cases can result in felony charges. The prosecution could push to make sure the defendant gets the maximum possible punishment for a DUI charge. The consequences of a felony DUI could be very difficult to deal with. However, in order to charge someone with a felony DUI, there are several regulations that must be met.

In most cases of a felony DUI, the defendant's behavior resulted in bodily harm to another person. When such an incident takes place, the prosecution may be adamant about having the maximum punishment applied. On the other hand, if the defendant was not responsible for the accident, only a misdemeanor charge should be pressed. But keep in mind that having several DUI's on your record already can lead to a felony DUI charge, hefty fines and jail time as well.

Another very important factor in felony DUI cases is that of blood alcohol concentration. The defendant's BAC is measured by using a Breathalyzer test, which may be issued by a law enforcement officer after the accident. To get charged with a DUI, the BAC should be more than 0.08 percent. If the defendant's BAC was more than 0.16 percent, a felony DUI charge is probable.

A felony DUI charge could lead to severe punishment for you if not dealt with properly. It is advisable to hire an experienced defense attorney to fight against the felony DUI charges.

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