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What exactly does "innocent until proven guilty" mean?

The phrase is one that most people are taught early in primary school, but "innocent until proven guilty" is not as simple a concept as it might seem when you consider how early we begin to discuss it. This idea may be a bedrock principle of our democracy, but it also has a specific legal history. Understanding that history is to the benefit of every person because it is not only relevant when you are facing criminal charges, but also when you are called to participate in the criminal justice system as a witness or a jury member.

Factors considered in determining punishment for drug trafficking

From marijuana and cocaine to prescriptions pills, people can get into a lot of trouble for having these drugs in their possession, as well for distributing them. If you are ever caught with drugs that you planned to distribute, then chances are you will face drug trafficking and possession charges. There will be consequences that are appropriate for these crimes, but there are various things that must be examined before those consequences can be determined.

What type of provisions can a protection order include?

Violent crimes, such as domestic violence, assault and domestic battery, are not something that the courts take lightly. When someone feels threatened by you or is concerned for their safety, they may opt to get a protection order to stop and prevent further abuse or violence. Most people believe that a protection order will simply order a person to stay away, but there are actually several provisions this type of order can include.

Benefits of accepting a plea bargain

In many cases, when someone is charged with a crime, they will go to trial and be judged by a jury of their peers. Depending on the jury, the accused party can be found guilty and face the consequences of their actions, but this process could be avoided if there is a plea bargain. If a plea bargain is offered, although some people may scoff at the idea of agreeing to any sentence for a crime they may or may not have committed, people should at least consider the benefits of signing.


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