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What type of provisions can a protection order include?

Violent crimes, such as domestic violence, assault and domestic battery, are not something that the courts take lightly. When someone feels threatened by you or is concerned for their safety, they may opt to get a protection order to stop and prevent further abuse or violence. Most people believe that a protection order will simply order a person to stay away, but there are actually several provisions this type of order can include.

A protection order can include the following provisions:

  • Counseling provision. The abuser is ordered to attend counseling.
  • Peaceful contact provision. The abuser can contact the abused for specific reasons, like information about their child and visitation.
  • Move out provision. The abuser must move out if they share a home with the abused.
  • No contact provision. The abuser cannot contact or disturb the abused in any way, including phone, email and text.

If someone has accused you of abuse and has a protection order against you, it is important that you are aware of every provision it includes. Because not knowing can lead to a violation of the order. Should you violate your order in any way, you could be arrested and face charges.

When a person is accused of committing a violent crime, they should not ignore these charges. There are consequences to these crimes. You should be careful how you react to the charges and what you say or do, especially if you want to avoid the potential consequences. If you are facing charges for a violent crime and need help with your case, an attorney may be able to assist you.

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