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Adopting the Best Defense for a Criminal Charge

Criminal Law is an essential component of the Constitution that regulates human behavior within the U.S. In Sarasota County, offenders are not taken too kindly especially when they have committed felonies or misdemeanors, in the best case scenario. In a nutshell, Criminal Law refers to special regulations enforced with the sole intention of solving a criminal offense. In most cases, such laws encompass a broad spectrum ranging from homicide to even speeding tickets. A misdemeanor will mostly command minimum penalties or a short-term stint at probation with the aid of a good lawyer.

As an alleged suspect of a criminal charge, you might want to treat such matters seriously. After all, your freedom hangs on the line, and any mishap can adversely affect your life in many ways. Apart from losing credibility from trusted colleagues and peers, considerable time behind bars primarily serves as long-term consequences which will inadvertently humble your character. Despite being apprehended for assault charges, Criminal Law essentially treats you on the assumption of innocent until proven guilty. This means that the Prosecutor must provide legally obtained evidence that casts your involvement beyond a reasonable doubt. If such evidence is collected illegally, then its presence in court is immediately termed as inadmissible and promptly disapproved. 

In such a situation, it's in your best interest to ensure that any defense strategy must provide an alternative and justified explanation for the crime. Such a move is strategically aimed at questioning the validity of the Prosecutor's case as faulty in the best case scenario. The following strategies should work in your favor if implemented effectively:

  • Proving that the Prosecutor's case is inaccurate based on circumstantial evidence which is inadmissible in such an exceptional circumstance. 
  • Casting doubt on eyewitness testimonies and introducing the element of misinterpretation. 
  • Appealing to the emotional and sympathetic side of the jury. 
  • Introducing new witnesses than highly contravene with the opposing counsel's witness testimony. 
  • Introducing an alibi that can attest to your whereabouts.

As a first time offender, getting acquitted is much simpler compared to diehard criminals. In case proceedings don't turn out as planned, you can still seek a plea negotiation deal.

Are you in need of a credible criminal defense? Don't hesitate to contact a seasoned attorney in Florida for legal guidance.

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