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Alleged cocaine smuggler arrested in Orlando

Sarasota County residents know how serious drug crimes can be. When a person is arrested for a drug crime, there can be many confusing details relating to the crime and the charges. Drug crime convictions can lead to a person being in prison for years and having thousands of dollars' worth of fines to pay. A drug crime conviction following an arrest can be life-altering.

A man who has been sought for over 26 years was recently arrested in Orlando for drug crimes dating back to the 1980s. The man and his brother allegedly smuggled tons of cocaine into the United States during the 1980s and was part of the organization known as the "Cocaine Cowboys". The organization has also been linked to dozens of murders and shootings. The US Marshall service located him in Orlando, where he has been living since 1999.

Florida is a state known for a high level of drug trafficking activity. Because of its reputation, the state of Florida, and those in charge of enforcing federal laws, both take drug crimes seriously. Prosecutors do not go easy on those who have been arrested for drug crimes. If a person finds themselves in a position where they have been arrested for a major drug offense, they may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in criminal defense. An attorney can counter the prosecutor's tactics and make sure their client's rights are being protected. They can aggressively defend their client's case with proven tactics and do everything they can to help their clients return to their normal lives.

A drug crime conviction can affect a family forever. An attorney who specializes in criminal defense can make sure that their client gets a change to tell their side of the story.

Source: heraldtribune.com, "Last of the notorious 'Cocaine Cowboys', arrested in Florida", April 13, 2017

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