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FL drunk driver hits children getting off bus

Sarasota residents know how dangerous it can be to drive after they have been drinking. Drunk driving is not tolerated by Florida residents, and those who are convicted of DUI and traffic offenses can face serious penalties.

A Davenport man is facing man charges, including a DWI, after an accident this past week in Poinciana. Children had just gotten off a bus and were walking home when a car hit them. The driver allegedly left the roadway and drove on the shoulder of Allegheny Rd. He hit 5 kids, injuring two of them seriously. One has since died because of his injuries.

The driver allegedly did not stop after the accident and continued driving, hitting a parked car. He has since been arrested and charged with four counts of DUI with property damage, one count of intoxicated manslaughter, one count of DUI with serious bodily injury, leaving the scene of a crash, and other DUI charges. The defendant was allegedly at one time a police officer in Mississippi.

A drunk driving conviction can change a person's life forever. This conviction can bring thousands of dollars in fines, jail time, license suspension, and a ruined personal and professional reputation. A legal professional who specializes in criminal defense can help his client fight these charges. They can aggressively defend their client against these criminal offenses and intervene on their client's behalf. They can provide information to the prosecution about their client that may have been overlooked and they may be able to negotiate an outcome that doesn't have life-long implications for their client.

Everyone understands that drunk driving can lead to serious consequences. A person who is facing a DWI charge can feel scared and embarrassed. An attorney can help their client fight these charges and help them return to their day-to-day activities.

Source: mysuncoast.com, "Car hits 5 students getting off school bus, 1 has died, 1 in critical", April 28, 2017

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