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Florida's zero tolerance law

Everyone knows that teens can make some dumb mistakes. Research shows that a person's brain isn't actually fully developed until they are well into their 20s. This can explain why some teenagers may have some risk-taking behavior that doesn't make sense. One situation a teenager may find themselves in is being charged with DUI and traffic offenses.

Florida has a zero tolerance law for underage drivers who have been drinking. Teenagers who have a BAC of more than a .02 can be charged with a DUI. Since it is illegal for those who are under the age of 21 to purchase and possess alcohol, Florida has these strict DUI laws. These laws exist to help keep young people, and the people they meet on the roads safe. But for teenagers who are convicted of a DUI, the penalties can be very serious.

Penalties for an underage DUI in Florida include thousands of dollars in fines, jail time, alcohol treatment program, license suspension, and the possibility of an ignition interlock device being installed. But there are not only criminal penalties for underage drinking and driving. A conviction can affect a teen's entire future. The teen may face a disciplinary hearing at their high school or college and job prospects could be limited as well. They may also face problems if they are working to get there professional license, such as medical, pharmacy, law, etc.

A legal professional who is skilled in criminal defense can help an underage driver who is facing these charges. They can investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest and make sure law enforcement had probable cause. They know that a conviction can impact a teen's life for many years and aggressively defend their client from these serious charges.

Teen drivers are known to make dumb mistakes due to their inexperience and still-developing brains. It is important to make sure that these mistakes do not affect them for the rest of their lives.

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