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Sarasota law enforcement cracking down on impaired drivers

In Florida, driving while intoxicated is a serious offense. DUI and traffic offenses can be aggressively prosecuted, leaving a defendant to face prison time and high fines, along with other penalties. Drivers should therefore be aware that a crackdown on impaired drivers is happening in the Sarasota area.

The Florida Highway Patrol is cracking down on impaired drivers, including drivers in Sarasota and Manatee counties. The state troopers will be focusing on Interstate 75 and major county and state roadways. Those who have a blood alcohol level of .08 or more will be considered impaired. Drivers who are under the age of 21 with a blood alcohol level of .02 or higher will be considered impaired.

When a Sarasota resident is arrested for drinking and driving they can feel embarrassed and ashamed. Everyone knows that driving after they have been drinking is not a good idea, but not all impaired drivers are bad people and not all impaired drivers are actually impaired. A legal professional who is skilled in criminal defense can help defend their client against DWI charges. They understand what is at stake with a DWI conviction. They can investigate the circumstances surrounding the DWI arrest and make sure proper law enforcement procedures were followed. They can also work on a negotiation with the prosecution that can help reduce the charges their client may be facing.

A DWI conviction can lead to thousands of dollars in fines, license revocation, an ignition interlock system being installed, and even jail time. Those who are facing these serious charges need an attorney who will aggressively defend their legal rights.

Source: heraldtribune.com, "Troopers to hunt for impaired drivers in Sarasota-Manatee", May 12, 2017

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