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How false allegations of domestic violence can ruin your life

If someone said they were being abused by a loved one, would you believe them? If you're like a lot of people, you probably would. That's because it's frowned upon in our culture to think an alleged victim is telling us anything but the truth. It's even harder still in our culture to call an alleged victim a liar.

Unfortunately, not all domestic violence allegations are true. Some people have used false domestic violence allegations as grounds for divorce, to gain custody of the children, and even as a form of revenge. Oftentimes, those who are accused have a difficult time refuting the claims made against them. And even if they can prove their innocence, their reputation may still suffer damage. 

The story of professional basketball player Dante Cunningham

To illustrate this point, we need only look at the case of Minnesota Timberwolves reserve player Dante Cunningham whose life was turned upside down in 2014 when his girlfriend claimed he "kicked in the door to their bedroom, choked her and slammed her head against the wall." Charges for domestic violence soon followed, states an October 2014 ESPN article, only to be dropped later when police concluded "Cunningham's accuser fabricated some of the allegations against him."

Unfortunately, despite having his name cleared, Cunningham suffered serious damage to his career and reputation. His contract with the Timberwolves was not renewed, explains a National Review article, and as of the article's publication, he has not been signed to any new NBA teams because of the possible bad publicity that could follow his signing.

Fighting back against false domestic violence allegation

Even though there is a stigma in our culture that prevents many people from second guessing domestic violence allegations, those who are accused of committing this violent crime deserve to have their story told. They deserve to have their rights protected, and they deserve justice.

Fighting back against criminal allegations is only the first step, however. Sometimes, as in the case of false allegations, it may be necessary to take additional legal actions before justice is truly served. 

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