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Don't let a holiday arrest derail your future

Many Florida residents enjoy the Fourth of July for the fantastic food, fun parties, and exciting fireworks that accompany the event. As they celebrate the birth of the nation, they partake in festivities that bring people together to enjoy each other's company and celebrate their freedom. Most celebrations conclude with good feelings and happy participants. Others may end with confrontations and accusations that can lead to calls to law enforcement officials and potential arrests.

A holiday arrest based on alleged criminal conduct can be damaging to a person's life on many levels. Not only may it threaten their capacity to keep a job, but it can also put significant strain on their relationships and families. It may impact them financially if their punishments involve fines, and it may cause them to spend time away from their loved ones if their sanctions involve jail time or imprisonment.

Even though it is not possible to guarantee a legal outcome after a criminal arrest, many people in this difficult situation can benefit from discussing their legal dilemmas with attorneys who include criminal defense services in their legal practices. From crafting defense strategies that meet their clients' needs, to engaging in negotiations to lower their clients' penalties and charges, criminal defense attorneys can use their legal knowledge to improve their clients' chances of preserving their rights.

D. Scott Rieth has used his legal education and years of experience to zealously represent men and women who have found themselves in the very challenging position of facing criminal charges. From arrests based on assaults and theft, to drunk driving and violent crimes, his comprehensive criminal defense practice has defended clients who have experienced arrests for various reasons. Those interested in more information are invited to look through our criminal law webpage.

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