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Man accused of drunk driving, property damage, after arrest

Accusations of drunk driving are serious legal matters that, if not properly managed, may impact the future of a Sarasota resident. Although legal outcomes can never be guaranteed, and every drunk driving or DUI case must be assessed based on its own unique facts, many individuals who face arrest based on alleged drunk driving charges can benefit from reviewing their cases with criminal defense attorneys.

A driver in Florida is facing a slew of criminal charges after police claimed that he drove his vehicle while drunk. The man allegedly drove his car off a road and into a pedestrian promenade near a popular lake. The man's car allegedly destroyed property on the promenade and police caught up with the man when he was allegedly trying to drive his car up a set of stairs.

The man was subjected to a breathalyzer test, as well as field sobriety tests, to assess his condition. Police allege that the results of his breathalyzer exceeded the state's legal limit of .08. Evidence collected from breath tests, field sobriety tests, and others can be used against individuals when their DUI and drunk driving cases come to trial.

After the man was arrested, he was taken to jail and a judge set bond on his release at more than $2,000. Not only can DUI charges impact a person's future, but they can also be incredibly costly when one considers the fines, judgments, and other expenses that may attach with a criminal conviction. Given the serious nature of his charges, this individual may choose to enlist the help of a DUI defense attorney to support him as he confronts his criminal case.

Source: theledger.com, "Lakeland man driving on Lake Mirror promenade arrested on DUI charge," Marilyn Meyer, June 30, 2017

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