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What are possible penalties for Florida drunk driving?

Like the courts in many other jurisdictions throughout the country, Florida courts may mete out serious penalties when the DUI suspects who appear before them are convicted of their drunk driving charges. While it is not possible to guarantee that one's hiring of a DUI defense attorney will result in an acquittal of their criminal drunk driving charges it can be helpful to a drunk driving suspect to discuss his or her case with such a legal professional so that he or she can understand just what can be at stake.

For example, in Florida, the courts have the power to suspend or revoke a convicted drunk driver's license. For a first offense, a driver may lose a license for up to six months. Second and third offenses may lead to the loss of one's license for 1 to 2 years. Penalties such as these can vary, depending upon the circumstances alleged to have been present at the time of the individual's drunk driving arrest.

Courts may also require individuals convicted of drunk driving charges to attend mandatory alcohol education and treatment programs. They may take the drivers' vehicles from them if confiscation is the appropriate penalty, and may require a driver to install an interlock device in the vehicle that requires him or her to blow an alcohol-free breath into it to start the automobile.

The loss of one's driver's license or vehicle can be devastating to the individual's ability to hold down a job and provide an income for his or her family. While the presence of a drunk driving or DUI defense attorney on one's case does not ensure that one will avoid all penalties associated with the charges, it can help a person facing DUI allegations formulate a cogent defense strategy.

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