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What to expect if you are charged with a felony DUI

Being responsible for a vehicle accident is bad enough. If you are drunk and your irresponsible driving leads to a serious injury or worse, the incident is one you may never get over.

If you are charged with a felony DUI in the state of Florida, you should seek legal representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney, since you will likely face several serious penalties.

Penalties for a felony DUI

You could be facing felony DUI charges if this is your third DUI conviction within 10 years, fourth subsequent DUI conviction or if you caused serious bodily injury to another party involved with the accident. Possible penalties of a felony DUI conviction include no more than five years in prison and a fine of $5,000.

Penalties for DUI Manslaughter

DUI Manslaughter is a second-degree felony, which carries a prison time of from zero to 15 years, depending on the circumstances, and you will be required to pay a fine of up to $10,000. Your driver’s license will also be permanently revoked. You may need a hardship license so you can at least drive between home and work. However, you will not be able to apply for five years, and you will need a favorable recommendation from the Special Supervision Services Program just to be eligible to apply. On top of license revocation, you will be required to attend and complete DUI School and enter alcohol treatment, if recommended.

Reinstatement for a hardship license

If you are approved for a hardship license, you must present the approval to the driver license office. Requirements include payment of an administrative fee and a revocation reinstatement fee of between $150 and $500 plus a license fee. Keep in mind you will have to remain in the Special Supervision Services Program during the entire revocation period to retain your hardship license.

Proof of liability insurance

The Florida FR-44 form must be filed with the state following your DUI conviction. This is proof of liability insurance coverage with limits of $100,000 for the bodily injury or death of one person, $300,000 for two or more persons and $50,000 for property damage. Your attorney can tell you more about this requirement while preparing to defend the felony DUI charge and get you the best outcome possible for your case.

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