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Traffic stop becomes serious criminal matter for two Florida men

Most traffic stops in the greater Bradenton area happen because law enforcement officials suspect that drivers are breaking motor vehicle operation laws. Whether the drivers are suspected of speeding, running traffic signs and signals, or violating other laws, and they see flashing lights in their rearview mirrors, they know that they will soon have encounters with law enforcement officials.

When charged with a crime, you have the right to an attorney

A Florida resident does not have to be a lawyer to have heard of 'Miranda' rights. Miranda rights are the rights a person is told of when arrested on suspicion of committing a crime. Although cop shows like to sensationalize arrest scenes with dramatic recitations of these rights, these shows often come fairly close to getting these important legal protections correct.

Options for drug court instead of jail

A drug or alcohol charge is a serious offense, and as such, it can come with stiff penalties. In some situations, an individual may receive jail time as part of his or her conviction. However, depending upon the facts of the case, there could be alternate options. 

How are rape charges addressed under Florida law?

Rape is generally characterized as the forcible sexual violation of a person against the alleged victim's will. In Florida, charges of rape are included under the section of the state statutes that address sexual battery. Per the Florida Statutes, sexual battery may occur when an alleged perpetrator penetrates an alleged victim with either a part of the alleged perpetrator's body or a foreign object.

An overview of the elements of robbery

Robbery charges are very serious. Florida residents who are accused of committing robbery often struggle to overcome the cases that prosecutors build against them, and face serious consequences that threaten their freedom. One of the first steps that a person accused of committing robbery can take is to understand the elements of the charge so that he or she can meet the criminal case head-on and with a plan to counter the prosecutor's claims.


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