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When charged with a crime, you have the right to an attorney

A Florida resident does not have to be a lawyer to have heard of 'Miranda' rights. Miranda rights are the rights a person is told of when arrested on suspicion of committing a crime. Although cop shows like to sensationalize arrest scenes with dramatic recitations of these rights, these shows often come fairly close to getting these important legal protections correct.

One of a person's Miranda rights is the right to have an attorney. When a person is arrested he or she can become very confused and very intimidated by the legal process that is unfolding. The individual may not know how to communicate with authorities or how to advocate for his or her side of the story. There may be fear of saying the wrong thing, or getting into deeper trouble due to a lack of understanding of the criminal justice system.

This is where having a criminal defense attorney at one's side can be of immeasurable benefit. Criminal defense attorneys know that people often lose so much more than time when they are convicted of alleged crimes. They can lose their jobs, their families and much else that they have worked hard to have in their lives. Criminal convictions can be hard to overcome for those who have to serve time in prison for their alleged involvement in criminal activities, and criminal defense attorneys are obligated to do what they can for their clients to work to keep possible convictions from occurring.

Individuals who have been arrested have the right to an attorney and D. Scott Rieth is ready to serve those in Sarasota County who are in this difficult legal position. Attorney Rieth has experience representing individuals arrested on a wide range of criminal charges and is prepared to advocate for them as they prepare their criminal defense strategies.

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