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Criminal defense options for violent crime charges

Allegations of criminal activity are damaging to the reputation and freedom of Bradenton residents. Claims that an individual engaged in a violent crime can significantly impact that person's rights. Attorney D. Scott Rieth is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has supported his clients as they have confronted domestic violence, homicide and other violent crime charges.

Attorney Rieth's legal practice extends to clients throughout Sarasota County, Manatee County and the surrounding area. He has a background in the prosecution of criminal cases, which can be an important asset to his clients as he has worked to bring criminal charges against individuals who are in positions similar to those of his current criminal defense clients. His skill set and commitment to his clients ensures that those who choose him as their legal representative are receiving exceptional legal support and guidance.

It can be terrifying to find one's self facing serious criminal charges and allegations that they committed a violent crime. It is not uncommon for a person charged with criminal conduct to worry about their future and to feel uncertain about the legal process that is unfolding before them. The prospect of serving a long prison sentence can be hard for a person to cope with, as can the difficulty of understanding how they may help themselves through their legal ordeal.

Although it is not possible to guarantee any legal outcome, there are important steps that individuals facing violent crime charges can take to protect themselves. One of those steps involves retaining the services of a criminal defense attorney early on in the case.

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