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November 2017 Archives

20 charged with various drug crimes

The Sarasota Police Department recently announced that it has charged 20 Sarasota residents with dealing drugs. The massive bust is part of a city-wide effort known as "Operation Corner Stone." As just one part of a Drug Market Intervention initiative, the program started in 2012 and ended in October of 2017.

The truth of the polygraph test in Florida's criminal law system

Film and television have long played up the drama of the polygraph, or lie detector test. The idea that this method can scientifically distinguish truth from fiction and guilt from innocence with absolute accuracy and finality has certainly proven to be an entertaining one over the years. However, the actual role of the polygraph test in Florida's criminal law system today bears some key differences from this portrayal.

How drug courts work in Florida

If you face drug possession or purchase charges in Florida, drug court may offer an alternative to jail. Not everyone is eligible or can benefit from such a program, so be sure to fully discuss your options with a qualified attorney.

DUI charge for Florida horseback rider

It may come as a surprise to readers of our Sarasota County criminal law blog, but it is possible to be charged with DUI when one is not inside, or even necessarily anywhere near, a motor vehicle of any kind. DUI and traffic offenses can be charged in unconventional situations, but their potential consequences are no less dire.

The potential penalties for a DUI charge can be serious

There are many misconceptions surrounding the famous DUI charge. From consenting to a BAC test to an arrest on personal property, there are no shortages of issues surrounding the DUI. Surprisingly, even the penalties for a DUI can be confusing. It is important for the public to understand the penalties for a DUI so that they can appreciate the severity of the crime and hopefully drive more responsibly. Florida divides the punishment for a DUI into different categories.

Police targeted Sarasota drivers for DUI around Halloween

At certain times of the year, police take an increasingly aggressive stance toward suspected incidents of drunk driving. New Year's Eve is expected, but the weekend before Halloween this year was another occasion in which the Florida Highway Patrol announced they would target more Sarasota drivers for DUI and traffic offenses.


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