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Police targeted Sarasota drivers for DUI around Halloween

At certain times of the year, police take an increasingly aggressive stance toward suspected incidents of drunk driving. New Year's Eve is expected, but the weekend before Halloween this year was another occasion in which the Florida Highway Patrol announced they would target more Sarasota drivers for DUI and traffic offenses.

The action, which the agency dubbed a "DUI Wolfpack Operation," was announced for Saturday evening through early Sunday morning in Sarasota and other nearby counties. During the operation, FHP troopers increased their visible presence to local drivers and organized in such a way, they claimed, as to "proactively remove impaired drivers." They reminded residents of a hotline they can call to report other drivers they think might be driving while intoxicated.

While the statistics from last weekend's DUI Wolfpack Operation are not available as of the time of this writing, the basic results are relatively predictable: many more residents will find themselves facing drunk driving charges. For the FHP, it may be back to business as usual after last weekend, but for those charged in the operation, the challenges are just beginning. Court appearances, fines, possible license suspension or revocation, or even more serious consequences could be looming down the long road ahead.

It's important to consult with a legal professional as soon as possible when faced with drunk driving charges. A police operation like this may mean that overzealous officers overlooked fundamental rights of those suspected of DUI in their eagerness to hand out citations; if that is the case, an attorney may be able to get the charge dismissed entirely.

Source: YourObserver.com, "Florida Highway Patrol to hold DUI Wolfpack Operation this weekend," Ryan Butler, Oct. 27, 2017

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