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January 2018 Archives

Don't let a criminal charge limit your future possibilities

As we've discussed before here on our blog, Sarasota County residents arrested and charged with a crime will be dealing with the consequences for what may prove to be a long time. This is true even if the charges are eventually dismissed. An arrest stays on your record and will show up whenever a prospective employer, school, government agency, lender or other similar institution runs a background check on you.

Helping you assert a defense against drug charges

Much like other states, Florida takes a strong stance against drug crimes. Because certain drugs have became an epidemic in the nation, the penalties associated with these drug crimes can be rather harsh. Thus, those accused of committing such crimes will want to explore ways in which they can avoid these consequences and clear their name. Initiating a strong criminal defense is the first step in this process.

Starting off 2018 with a DUI charge?

The New Year is here, and as did folks across the country, Sarasota County residents celebrated on New Year's Eve. As we discussed around Halloween of last year, police tend to gang up on holidays in an effort to issue an increased number of citations for DUI and traffic offenses. The arrest statistics may make good press for them in the post-holiday news cycle, but for defendants charged with driving while intoxicated, the consequences can last a lifetime.


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