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Man faces accusations of drug possession and assaulting police

Sarasota residents who are arrested after accusations of violence can also have other crimes lodged as part of the same incident. If, for example, a person is alleged to have been using drugs and behaves irrationally during that time and commits violence, it can result in a litany of charges. Because violent crimes carry with them such harsh penalties including jail time, fines and more, it is essential that a person who is charged understands what he or she is confronted with and takes the necessary steps to cobble together a strong legal defense.

Law enforcement officer arrested for DUI and fired from her job

When a person is arrested on drunk driving charges in Florida, the aftereffects and consequences can extend beyond penalties such as fines, incarceration and license suspension. It can also influence a person's life in myriad ways. For example, depending on the person's vocation, there can be ramifications at work for DUI and traffic offenses. For some, they occur even before a conviction. When arrested for driving while intoxicated and other allegations, having legal help is essential for personal and professional protection. This is especially true when the person placed under arrest is a law enforcement officer.

What should I know about Florida ignition interlock device laws?

Drivers in Florida who are convicted on drunk driving charges might be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle. This device is part of a restricted driving penalty to ensure that the driver is not getting behind the wheel while under the influence. The driver will blow into the machine so it can register the blood alcohol content. The vehicle will not start if the BAC is above a certain level. Understanding the law as to when the ignition interlock device will be installed is an important part of the program and its process.

Facing a DUI? 2 reasons why you should hire an attorney

If you are facing a DUI charge in the Bradenton, one of the worst things you can do is dismiss its importance. All too often, individuals find themselves with DUI charges and believe they cannot afford to hire an attorney. They do not realize charges do not equate an automatic conviction. Also, regardless of the evidence against them, it is possible to mount an effective defense against the charges. 

Man arrested on drunk driving charges and other allegations

Law enforcement in Bradenton is constantly on the lookout for drivers who might be on the road while under the influence. This leads to traffic stops, investigations and arrests. Being charged with driving under the influence carries with it certain penalties that the driver would undoubtedly like to avoid. The circumstances of the arrest are vital to the case and people who are confronted with drunk driving charges are not necessarily guilty. Having a qualified DUI attorney can help with lodging a strong defense against DUI and traffic offenses.

Man arrested for drug offenses and fleeing deputies

In Sarasota and throughout Florida, allegations of drug offenses can lead to substantial consequences. Many of these cases begin with a traffic stop. The situation can be made worse if the driver does not comply or flees the scene. People who are confronted with drug crimes should be aware of the penalties that accompany the allegations as well as what can happen if they are accused of other violations along with it. Having a strong legal defense is essential with any arrest, drug-related or otherwise.


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