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Facing a DUI? 2 reasons why you should hire an attorney

If you are facing a DUI charge in the Bradenton, one of the worst things you can do is dismiss its importance. All too often, individuals find themselves with DUI charges and believe they cannot afford to hire an attorney. They do not realize charges do not equate an automatic conviction. Also, regardless of the evidence against them, it is possible to mount an effective defense against the charges. 

The consequences of a DUI conviction are not worth the risk of not having a proper defense. An attorney has the experience and knowledge of the law to help improve the outcome of your case. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider hiring an attorney. 

1. To analyze the evidence and build a proper defense 

The prosecution will use every piece of evidence available to prove you are guilty. This includes any incriminating remarks you made during and after your arrest, the results from field sobriety and breath tests and other information. An attorney can analyze the evidence, review the arrest footage and challenge the results of your field sobriety tests as a part of a defense strategy for you. 

2. To negotiate a deal 

It is not uncommon for the prosecutor to offer plea deals. Not all plea deals are worth accepting. You may receive an offer for less jail time, lower conviction offense and lesser penalties in exchange for you pleading guilty or no contest. You should never accept a plea bargain without considering its full ramifications on your life. Accepting one means you might have to give up some of your rights. Though you want to hurry up and get this situation over with, accepting a sentencing deal can be a big mistake. An attorney can help negotiate a better bargain that is more beneficial to you. A conviction gives you a criminal record and has lingering effects that can compromise your career, livelihood and relationships. 

Do not take chances when you have a DUI charge. One of the first things you should consider doing is to speak to an attorney. He or she can review your case and offer guidance on your options.

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