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Man arrested for drug offenses and fleeing deputies

In Sarasota and throughout Florida, allegations of drug offenses can lead to substantial consequences. Many of these cases begin with a traffic stop. The situation can be made worse if the driver does not comply or flees the scene. People who are confronted with drug crimes should be aware of the penalties that accompany the allegations as well as what can happen if they are accused of other violations along with it. Having a strong legal defense is essential with any arrest, drug-related or otherwise.

An attempted traffic stop following a traffic violation spurred a high-speed chase as the driver fled. When he was caught, officers stated they found drugs and drug paraphernalia. The incident began when deputies attempted to stop a black Mercedes at an intersection at approximately 11:30 a.m. After first pulling over, the driver then took off. In the chase, speeds were said to have reached 60 mph. The chase continued until the driver hit another car at a stop sign. The driver again fled from the deputy who made the initial traffic stop and tried to box the driver in. A second law enforcement vehicle stopped the Mercedes.

As they investigated, officers found that the 30-year-old driver was driving while his license was suspended. A search was initiated and deputies stated that they found several drugs including prescription medication, marijuana and methamphetamine. He was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Later, it was found that the vehicle had been stolen. The man faces multiple charges related to these allegations.

Drug offenses are treated very seriously in Florida. Those who are facing allegations of drug possession, selling drugs, drug distribution and more must be aware of the harsh jail sentences and significant fines they will be confronted with if they are convicted. While this case might seem difficult for the defendant, there are strategies that he and a legal professional can use to formulate a defense. Perhaps the traffic stop was initiated illegally. It could be that there were issues with the search. There might be a chance he can secure a plea bargain or be acquitted completely. Regardless, anyone who is arrested for drug crimes and eluding law enforcement should make certain they are represented by an experienced attorney from the start to effectively deal with the charges.

Source: mysuncoast.com, "Sarasota man arrested after high speed chase," Kenny Owen, Feb. 22, 2018

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