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Man arrested on drunk driving charges and other allegations

Law enforcement in Bradenton is constantly on the lookout for drivers who might be on the road while under the influence. This leads to traffic stops, investigations and arrests. Being charged with driving under the influence carries with it certain penalties that the driver would undoubtedly like to avoid. The circumstances of the arrest are vital to the case and people who are confronted with drunk driving charges are not necessarily guilty. Having a qualified DUI attorney can help with lodging a strong defense against DUI and traffic offenses.

A driver who was allegedly driving 36 miles per hour in a zone with a maximum speed of 25 mph and had drifted into another lane was stopped by law enforcement. Upon investigating, the officer suspected that the 41-year-old driver was under the influence. According to the report, the man stated that he had one drink while having dinner. The driver agreed to take field sobriety tests. Impairment was suspected and the driver was arrested. He is then said to have committed breath test refusal twice at the jail. He was charged with DUI, driving under the influence with a minor in the vehicle and for driving with an expired license.

Being charged with DUI and other offenses related to it can have a significant impact on a person's life. Not only does a conviction carry with it the possibility of fines and jail time, but it will likely lead to a driver's license suspension, raised insurance rates and more. Simply because a driver was stopped and the officer believed that he or she was under the influence does not mean it is true. There could have been an issue with the way in which the stop was made; the driver could have a legitimate excuse for appearing to have been under the influence; or it could have been a mistake. No matter the circumstances, a driver who is confronted with the combination of DUI charges and refusing a breath test should make certain to have legal assistance from the beginning.

Law enforcement stopped a vehicle that was allegedly speeding and had weaved into another lane. Upon investigation, the driver was believed to have been under the influence, had a minor in the car and then refused to take a breath test at the jail. Given the number of charges he faces, he must make sure to immediately contact an attorney who is experienced in helping clients who have been arrested on DUI charges to being planning his defense.

Source: islander.org, "Police arrest Bradenton man for DUI in Holmes Beach," March 6, 2018

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