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Man arrested for operating under the influence in a golf cart

Residents of Sarasota County and across Florida will understandably associate allegations that they were operating under the influence (DUI) to driving a car. However, there are other ways the operator of a vehicle can face DUI and traffic offenses. These allegations carry penalties just as a DUI in a car does. Even people who are from states other than Florida and on vacation can be confronted with DUI charges. Having assistance from a law firm that is experienced in DUI cases is essential.

Man faces multiple allegations after car theft and other acts

When arrested on criminal charges in Sarasota, it is easy for one incident to spiral out of control and lead to several charges that can compound into a litany of allegations and potential penalties if there is a criminal conviction. Often, people will make mistakes because they are caught up in personal issues like drugs. When charged with such acts as car theft, there can be other allegations made such as attempting to flee law enforcement and resisting arrest. Circumstances can make a situation far worse than it originally would have been. For those confronted by allegations of criminal law violations, having legal assistance can make a significant difference in the case.

Considerations when determining if items are drug paraphernalia

One of the reasons for which a Florida resident can be arrested on drug offenses is possession of drug paraphernalia. While this can lead to various consequences, it is important for a person who is dealing with drug charges to know what state law says about how it is determined that an item is drug paraphernalia. If there is a reasonable argument that the item in question might not have been used as drug paraphernalia, this could be the foundation for a defense against the charges.

What if I am charged with breath test refusal in Florida?

The laws in Florida can be confusing especially in a situation in which law enforcement is asking for a breath test to be taken. Some might believe that they have the right to refuse like the "right to remain silent" in the reading of the rights when arrested. They might then make the mistake of refusing a breath test and find themselves charged for it. Under the law, drivers are obligated to submit to the test. This is known as implied consent. For those who commit breath test refusal, there are certain penalties they will face.


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