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Florida driver faces felony drunk driving and other allegations

Floridians who find themselves arrested on drunk driving charges will face a litany of possible penalties if they are convicted. If there are multiple offenses and allegations of felony drunk driving, the penalties can be significant and life-changing. In general, no one will approve of a person getting behind the wheel under the influence. However, simply because there was a DUI arrest and numerous allegations does not mean that the driver is guilty.

Which victims will make assault charges more severe in Florida?

Floridians who are confronted with assault charges or battery charges will understandably be concerned about the potential long-term consequences and penalties they will face if they are convicted. However, what they might not know is that certain circumstances will raise the level of charges and accompanying penalties. The increased severity of the penalties will occur if the victim is a specific official or employee. Those who are arrested on these enhanced charges should understand the law itself and prepare for a defense.

Man arrested after accusations of firing gun into apartment

The climate across the nation has made everyone cognizant of the possibility of weapons-related crimes. Florida is certainly no stranger to that. However, people might not realize that the mere threat of violence and the use of a weapon, can lead to charges and harsh penalties, even if no one was injured. When there are allegations of violent crimes or the threat of violence, those who are charged should be aware of how severe these accusations are and the long-term penalties they can face if convicted. Having legal assistance from a law firm experienced in helping those accused of weapons crimes is key.

Woman charged with DUI and traffic offenses after crash

When there is an automobile accident in Florida and the driver appears to be under the influence, law enforcement will take steps to determine what the person has been using and possibly make an arrest. For those who are placed under arrest for driving under the influence after a crash, the tests can be important to the case. Since DUI and traffic offenses often hinge on the evidence, people whose tests to determine blood alcohol content level come back clean and then are charged with DUI due to allegations of drug use should know how to lodge a defense.

A lawyer can help after hit-and-run drunk driving charges

A Floridian who is confronted with drunk driving charges can have the issues they face compounded if the allegations say that there was an accident, and the driver fled the scene. Hit-and-runs are treated seriously in any case, but when there is a charge, the driver was drunk, they grow exponentially worse. Understanding the charges, that there might be multiple offenses lodged, what the penalties might be if there is a conviction, and how to craft a strong defense are all keys to any case.


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