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A lawyer can help after hit-and-run drunk driving charges

A Floridian who is confronted with drunk driving charges can have the issues they face compounded if the allegations say that there was an accident, and the driver fled the scene. Hit-and-runs are treated seriously in any case, but when there is a charge, the driver was drunk, they grow exponentially worse. Understanding the charges, that there might be multiple offenses lodged, what the penalties might be if there is a conviction, and how to craft a strong defense are all keys to any case.

When there is an auto accident, drivers are expected to remain at the scene to ensure that the other parties are safe, to call for emergency personnel, if they are not, and to exchange insurance and personal information. Some people choose not to do that and flee the scene, making it a hit-and-run.

If there are injuries in the crash and a driver flees the scene, there will be harsh penalties. If alcohol was involved, they will be much worse. Fortunately, for those who are accused and arrested for a hit-and-run while driving under the influence, there are strategies to defend against the charges.

If a driver flees the scene of an accident when there has been damage to property or another vehicle, this can result in as much as 60-days incarceration and a fine of $500. With injuries, there will be a felony charge with five years in jail and a fine of up to $5,000. When there is an accident with a fatality, and it is a vehicular manslaughter or homicide charge, the driver can be incarcerated for 30 years and fined up to $10,000. Combining these allegations with drunk driving charges, and the person can be confronted with a lengthy prison sentence and massive fines. It is vital to have legal help.

When a person is in a crash, it is a natural reaction to be frightened and think about getting away from the scene as quickly as possible and hoping that it all goes away. Following through on that initial instinct, however, is a mistake. In some instances, the driver might have been drinking, leading to heftier charges. Regardless, having legal assistance is a right that drivers who are alleged to have been drunk and committed a hit-and-run must exercise for their own protection. Calling a lawyer who is skilled at helping clients charged with hit-and-run DUI and traffic offenses is the first step.

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