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Florida reality show cast member faces drug charges

There is a continuing debate about marijuana, its dangers and whether it should be fully legalized or not. Some states have taken that step. Florida is not one of them. Since that remains the case, people who are caught with the substance will face an arrest and criminal charges. Depending on the amount of marijuana the person has, those charges can rise to the level of a felony. Considering the potential penalties that come with a conviction of a felony drug charge, it is imperative that the person take the necessary steps to develop a strong legal defense from the start.

What are the penalties for fleeing police in a high-speed chase?

With a traffic stop or an attempted traffic stop by law enforcement in Florida, there is a natural fear for the person who is about to be stopped. This is true even if they do not believe they have done anything wrong and do not have any illegal items in their vehicle. In some cases, the person will decide not to stop and will flee. This often becomes a high-speed chase.

What are unlawful acts with an ignition interlock device?

For Florida drivers who are convicted on drunk driving charges, one of the potential penalties is that they will be required to place an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. This is done so the person can be monitored when getting behind the wheel of a car, to ensure that there was no alcohol consumption beforehand. Motorists are tested periodically to make sure they have not had alcohol in the interim. For people who need to drive, this is a useful way to be able to do so after a DUI. However, under Florida Statutes ยง316.1937 there are certain acts that are unlawful with the ignition interlock device. Violating them can lead to other penalties.

Man sleeping at intersection arrested on drunk driving charges

Not all Florida drunk driving charges are the same, nor do they come about in the same situations. In some instances, there is a traffic stop by law enforcement that leads to drunk driving charges. In other instances, there will be an accident police respond to that leads to drunk driving charges. In still others, there will be a driver who is sitting in his or her stationary vehicle, not realizing that this can be the foundation for drunk driving charges. Those who are facing any level of DUI allegations must remember that there are a variety of defenses that can be used to combat them.


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