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Man arrested on drunk driving charges after stop for speeding

When law enforcement in Bradenton and throughout Florida is out on patrol, they are watching for drivers who are possibly violating the law. Often, when there is one legal violation, it is possible that multiple offenses will be alleged after the traffic stop. This could include drunk driving charges. For drivers who are placed under arrest for DUI, having a legal defense against those charges and any other allegations that arise is a key factor in the case. This is even more important when other charges are filed.

A law enforcement officer who saw a Jaguar that was going more than twice the posted speed limit of 50 mph stopped the vehicle and found the driver allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The incident began at approximately 11:43 p.m. when the officer saw a vehicle going very fast behind him. After recording the speed at 110 mph, the vehicle was pulled over.

During the investigation, the officer said that he smelled alcohol in the vehicle. The driver's eyes were said to be watery and bloodshot. When the driver spoke, he slurred his words. The man reportedly said he had two alcoholic beverages earlier. He refused a breath test and field sobriety tests. While the man was searched, cocaine was also found. After his arrest, he was taken to the hospital when he complained of having medical problems. His blood-alcohol concentration was found to be 0.211. He asserted that the drugs were not his. He was charged with DUI and for drug possession.

People who are arrested on a litany of charges and confronted with other violations can face multiple penalties including jail, fines, the loss of driving privileges and much more. Although drunk driving allegations are serious, that does not automatically mean that a person is guilty on all charges. Arguments can be made in one's favor when fighting charges of DUI and traffic offenses. Moreover, it is the prosecution's burden to prove guilt "beyond a reasonable doubt." If the prosecution cannot meet this standard, a conviction cannot be made.

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