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Can I face arrest for owning or leasing property linked to drugs?

In Florida, drug charges are not limited to those who are involved in its manufacture, sale, possession and use. People should be aware that they can face allegations of drug offenses for other matters even if they are not part of the enterprise itself. Simply letting another person or group of people take part in the illegal drug business on a property that the individual owns is oftentimes sufficient to be placed under arrest. When there are charges for drug crimes for these alleged violations, the person who was arrested will need to know their defense options.

Man who coaches youth football under arrest for drug charges

When Bradenton law enforcement officials make an arrest for drug charges, there are times when people who might not immediately be viewed as being involved with drugs are under arrest. These issues can come up for anyone. It might be a parent, someone who is well-regarded in the community and people who have had personal and legal issues in the past. Regardless, everyone needs to understand the potential penalties they will face should they be convicted.

Women allegedly caught using drugs with kids in car

Florida drug crimes can run the gamut from distribution to lower-level sale to personal use. Even though the charges can vary, law enforcement will be watching for potential drug offenses as they take place. For those who are arrested for drug use and other charges related to it, having a legal defense is an important part of seeking a positive resolution, such as a drug diversion program or reduced charges. When people are caught using drugs, it becomes even more vital to have legal assistance.

Helping you assert a defense against violent crimes

Facing any type of criminal charge can be difficult of individuals in Florida; however, some crimes can be more damaging for a person if a conviction results. Significant consequences often follow a violent crimes charge, making it vital that defendants fully explore the matter, initiating a criminal defense as soon as possible.

Businessman faces multiple allegations of drug offenses

For Bradenton residents, facing drug charges can be a complex situation. Some of the people who are arrested are well-regarded in the community and will face far more serious consequences that go beyond the basics like jail time, fines and more. Drug offenses can vary in scope and those who are arrested and alleged to take part in criminal drug activities should make certain that they cover all the bases when formulating a defense against the charges. This is especially true when it is a business owner who operates a legitimate business.


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